This book covers the period from 1772-1925. The major schools or groups of the period are discussed, as is the influence of certain personages that emerged during that time. The connections between the Gokaden and major shinshinto artists are also considered. Gimei, or false signatures, are also cov ...Read and See More
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This book was ranslated by Harry Watson of AFU. This hardcover volume covers the Japanese swordsmiths of the Shinto period from 1596-1771 with hundreds of photos and oshigata. In english translated by Harry Watson. Contains 374 pages of text and photos, exclusive of index and glossary. The book m ...Read and See More
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This is a great sword! When is the last time you saw one of these? What makes this different and differentiates it is the tortoise shell grip which looks super cool! The backstrap also has a unique to generals type of floral decoration, I will have to get a picture of that tomorrow for you. The  ...Read and See More
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This bayonet came out of an museum in Connecticut, it was a donation. I can't say for sure but it almost looks like someone was keeping track of their victories, on the grip there are some lines scratched into it. Overall it is in pretty good condition, it is a combat carried piece with a slightly ...Read and See More
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Slightly worn and overall extremely nice in condition. It does have one small paint spot on the knot but otherwise really nice. Why did they always have to paint with a sword or helmet around?!  ...Read and See More
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This is a very nice untouched, Samurai mounted katana. I think the blade is Shinto period so probably made in the 1600s or 1700s someplace. It is a very healthy blade and is 28 inches in length, so a nice meaty long sword! It also has hi on each side to help reduce weight, they look cool too! It ...Read and See More
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This is a pretty interesting sword which came in on a hotel buy in New Jersey not long ago. The tang is signed MOTTE YASUGI KO KANEMICHI SAKU, this represents the smiths name Kane Michi and the type of metal he used to make the sword. Yasugi is a town in which they have been mining iron ore back t ...Read and See More
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This is a really cool sword, not only does it have and old blade and rare fittings, it also has "The Look"! The fittings are a rare type with a slightly elongated ishzuke or scabbard end cap. There is kanji stamped onto it which is basically a pat. pending stamp. The fittings still have most of ...Read and See More
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This blade is signed Showa ju hachi-nen Gassan SadaKatsu Kinsaku with the Kao which means Showa the 18th year, humbly made by Gassan SadaKatsu with his crest. The other side reads: Sumiyoshi Okami Go-shin no Takara O-tachi Yokp which means Great God Sumiyoshi, honored God's treasure the honored ...Read and See More
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I bought these a year ago and just found them again, this is a period iron tasuba with a gold pug dog, butterfly and flowers on one side the other side has some hard rubber on it looks like someone put them in with the Japanese army rubber shoes and it stuck to the side. I have removed a lot by soak ...Read and See More
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