Contact Information

Dear Reader,

I have sold many items out of my collection to help the image of the web site. Anything that you see on the web site must meet the high standards we have set for ourselves. We do this so you do not need to worry about your purchase. It is possible to be very knowledgeable in a particular area of collecting but a “know it all”, no such thing! Therefore, we are constantly researching our purchases so you can rest well at night!

We feel if you choose to deal with us there is a degree of trust involved. We have all read about some of the nightmares that can happen in this field. That is exactly why we feel we need to give you great service and quality antiques! We have done everything possible to avoid problems before you have a chance to purchase anything from us. 90% or so of what we own has been purchased from veterans on hotel buys. We also purchase from collectors single items or complete collections, so keep us in mind. We may not be able to respond to your emails immediately, the reason is we want to give you a quality response. We look forward to a long relationship with all of you and GDC!

It is best to contact me via email at It may take a few days to return your emails but I will do so. I feel it is better to give a response that received a little thought and time versus a generic note. If contact is immediately required, please feel to contact me on my mobile directly at +1 315.569.1682.

In the event that a shipping address is required, please use PO Box 384, Syracuse NY13211.

~ Robert Iqbal