Some place some where I wound up with this after action casualty report for private Walter Traudt from the 406th Inf Regt. 102nd Division . It has to be a end copy of several typed at one time so I never paid much attention to it till the other day. The copy is hard to read and describes a Novem ...Read and See More
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Photos for group JMT8849 ...Read and See More
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I have to post the rest of the material separately. This group is all of Captian Patrick Powers who served in RVN from Nov. 1967 to Jul7 1970. What I really like is that he was serving as the assistant infantry officer with the 1st Brigade Royal Thai Voulunteer Force. He was awarded the Bronze Sta ...Read and See More
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This is another of the be the first on your block to own this beautiful original WWII US NAVY TELESCOPE ALIDADE, CASED. This is one heavy unit I honestly refused to buy it until it I could sell it below the market price. Not knowing what it was fore I looked it up and here is the proper description ...Read and See More
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I keep stuff so here is a small group of the following units A 76th infantry division book 249 pages part of the dust cover great front covet, B 65th infantry division at camp Shelby 1944 C 85th infantry division Minturno to the Appennins and D USS Colorado cruse book 1942-1946. Condition very good  ...Read and See More
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This is the Bible for every countries fighting ship during WWII. I have to admit that this the first time I spent any time looking at various countries ships and I really am impressed with all the information and the vast quantity of ships listed. The pages are turning yellow on the edges (poor qual ...Read and See More
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I just picked up two early Germany military books showing what style and color uniforms , and headgear the various units would wear. the y have always been considered the premier refe Renee material on this subject. What is a little different is that they are hard back and with a green cover. Both  ...Read and See More
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This is just a great hardley used early RAD jr hanger. The leather is a nice dark brown with only wear makes are to the strap under the oval catch. Will make a great addition to any early RAD. Condition very good ++++++ ...Read and See More
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I was recently contacted by a family of a WWII US Navy sailor Warner J Frederick who was on the USS Nevada during the attack at Pearl Harbor. He was wounded in the leg and continued serving on the Nevada for another two years. Unfortunately a relative picked the group before I was called and took  ...Read and See More
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