This neat looking dragon belt buckle is 3 1/8" wide by 2" high mounted on regular GI style buckle. The front has the USN in a box with a nicely executed dragon head and in the lower corner crossed anchors. This would make a nice addition to any Navy collection. There is a real small number 6 on the  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8823
Price:   $45.00 USD
Recently picked up of US Navy items from a family and this what I call on ship made ash tray was from one ship he had served on during his 20 years from Plear Harbor on. He was then on the battleship USS Nevada. Anyway this is a heavy bronze piece typical of shipborn made. Condition very good  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8822
Price:   $0.00 USD
This set has seen better days but the lenses are the dark glass and complete. The rubber pads have wilted after years in the attic. I noticed that Bell Aviation sells reproduction rubber pads to be sewed on the frame. They look good in the case and could be brought back to life. The aluminum case is ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8821
Price:   $165.00 USD
This is another odd ball item that I like and it's been sitting around for a long time it's amazing what you can find collection boxes. This 8 page pamphlet appears to mock the Germans from what I have been told. They have one cartoon of doll that I have in a book that was published before the war.  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8820
Price:   $65.00 USD
I have never seen this paperback book before on Dachau before it is 6" high & 8 1/2" wide. The text is in English German and French. The book consist of 65 pages with a overlay of the camp in the rear of the book. The book describes the daily life of a prisoner in the three languages. There is also  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8819
Price:   $75.00 USD
This dagger is out of my collection and is another item that I was keeping for all time. Being that it has been in my possession for over 50 years I just guess it's time to let someone else own it. This ALCOSA Army Dagger is a typical Army Dagger except for the deluxe Elfenbein grip. This grip is j ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8818
Price:   $1,875.00 USD
This 2nd model Luft Dagger is out of my collection. This is an untouched Luft Dagger with the handling duet still under the wire on the handle. It was a veteran buy and that's the way I left it. The pommel has that dark background to make the highlights stand out. The plastic handle has the full ori ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8817
Price:   $545.00 USD
This NSFK dagger is from my personal collection,purchased in 1983. Even back then it was hard to find a above average leather covered dagger with the correct hanger. This dagger by SMF has an almost perfect leather handle and the fittings all fittings are nickel silvered and matching with the scabba ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8814
Price:   $1,485.00 USD
This NSFK dagger is out of my personal collection. This F & A Helbig dagger is of all aluminum construction with the original leather hanger. It retains 100% of the original paint that appears to be what some call crackle but in reality is just paint on a textured surface to simulate leather. The po ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8813
Price:   $1,375.00 USD
This is a very nice 2nd modelLuft hanger with leather tabs at the clip frame instead of folded over strap. The reverse of the clip is maker marked along with the DRGM stamp. Condition very good ++ ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8810
Price:   $120.00 USD