Panzer Assault Badge

I just bought this group on 12/23/16 from an 89 year old veteran or should I say occupation trooper. He arrived in Germany in 1946 and assigned to the 1st division. I was mainly interested in talking to him about what the occupation was like and with his wife there we did not get into the interestin ...Read and See More
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Decent example.  ...Read and See More
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PAB Hollow Back Decent example.  ...Read and See More
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This one has some of the finish and a rare maker mark.  ...Read and See More
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Really nice finish with broken catch.  ...Read and See More
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The 26th Panzer Division's nickname was Grenadierkopf (Grenadier Head). This professional framed award document and traditional badge are from the 27th Panzer Division to Unteroffiziar Herman Baier of the 7th Panzergrenadier Regt awarded 10. 12. 1944. You can only see part of the unit stamp circle ...Read and See More
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