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I just picked up two early Germany military books showing what style and color uniforms , and headgear the various units would wear. the y have always been considered the premier refe Renee material on this subject. What is a little different is that they are hard back and with a green cover. Both  ...Read and See More
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A friend just dropped off 18 different all German language paper back books regarding various German military information from the early 1700on thru the Bundesheeres to the year of the publication. There is a heavy emphasis on WWII just wish I could read the short stories for the other sides version ...Read and See More
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This is another odd ball item that I like and it's been sitting around for a long time it's amazing what you can find collection boxes. This 8 page pamphlet appears to mock the Germans from what I have been told. They have one cartoon of doll that I have in a book that was published before the war.  ...Read and See More
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I have never seen this paperback book before on Dachau before it is 6" high & 8 1/2" wide. The text is in English German and French. The book consist of 65 pages with a overlay of the camp in the rear of the book. The book describes the daily life of a prisoner in the three languages. There is also  ...Read and See More
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This is an original 2nd edition of the special guest book given to invited guest & VIP's on the grand opening of the Reichs Chancellory guided tours in January 1939. This book is what all the new books on the new chancellory are based upon. The building is just unbelievable in size and scope and thi ...Read and See More
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Looking this up on the net I found out its a fairly rare book much to my surprise. The book is small measuring 4 1/4" wide x 6" high. It is a privately printed book to teach the soldier what the army did not. The photos and description show how to attack and defend yourself in cause your are attack ...Read and See More
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Over the years I have set these little booklets aside when I got them in my buys. Never tried to get them all just what came to me. Anyways here are nine different KCIC winners with a short description and some photos l Always thought that they were neat. Condition OK to Good ...Read and See More
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