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I really do not know much about the listed shoulder Boards but there are Bavarian and for a Lt. for the 20th Infantry,please correct me if I am wrong. Anyways a match pair with all fastening button washers and clip, ready to put on your uniform. There are nicely padded to add the 3D effect and there ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8712
Price:   $250.00 USD
When I ever bought nice clean insignia from the Vets I always put them away in a old candy tin and as you can see from my purchase sticker these items came from 1978-80-85. I always liked the gold on dark blue Navy eagles and rank insignia really don't know why I did not specialize in collecting th ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8150
Price:   $245.00 USD
This cap Tally for the  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8149
Price:   $35.00 USD
These three Navy arm shields / patches have been in my collection for years. One purchase is dated December 1980. The gold on the one medal badge has faded away since I originally bought it. Condition good +++ ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8088
Price:   $65.00 USD
This is your typical printed German Mine Field marker placed on a bent metal rod. Condition very good ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8163
Price:   $23.00 USD
This eagle and swaz came out of an real old time collection recently. The gray eagle has a permanent droop to the wings from being on a cap for some time. This 3" eagle is a quality made item not the thin late war eagles. Condition very good ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8391
Price:   $95.00 USD