2nd Class Iron Cross

I just bought this group on 12/23/16 from an 89 year old veteran or should I say occupation trooper. He arrived in Germany in 1946 and assigned to the 1st division. I was mainly interested in talking to him about what the occupation was like and with his wife there we did not get into the interestin ...Read and See More
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This packet came with a pile of stuff and I has set it aside a couple years ago and just found it again. The packet face is marked for the Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939 with the envelope lip imprinted with Maria Schenkl Vienna. Condition very good ...Read and See More
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I purchased this several year ago from a Document dealer and just thought it was kind of neat. The group is to Walter Schuran and consist of the following 1- Transmittal Document dated 12,11,1939 to Gefreiter Walter Schuran for his Reich Sports Badge in Bronze and listing what the badge will cost h ...Read and See More
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This is just a neat pre WWI stickpin with the Iron Cross medal, the Hamburg Cross medal, and the War Service medal with Swords, Dolphs first new medal. The Iron and hamburg Cross are enamel finished. The reverse has the typical flat bar with the miniature medals soldered to it.A nice looking stickpi ...Read and See More
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