I just bought this group on 12/23/16 from an 89 year old veteran or should I say occupation trooper. He arrived in Germany in 1946 and assigned to the 1st division. I was mainly interested in talking to him about what the occupation was like and with his wife there we did not get into the interesting things. Anyways this group is what he brought home and with the exception of a navy badge that I will be listing separately and a 1st division marked liner for a M1 helmet that I am keeping for myself. I collect 1st division items as I served in it in 1967. Anyways he told me he traded a cigarette for each item and that was the going price for medals and badges at that time. Why the pin and catch are missing on the tank badge and the Luft marksmanship laynard fitting, and the missing center for the 2nd class EK? The Ek ring is stamped 25, the tank badge has most of the silver on the reverse and is marked A.S., the police em cap badge is marked GDL. This is only the third direct vet purchase this year. Condition ok to very good
Price: $265.00
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