This is another packet I found and it's for the eastern people's medal 2nd Class in Gold. There is no makers name on the reverse. Condition OK to good. ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8802
Price:   $45.00 USD
Just found a bunch of paper packets for various medals. This batch is from the mid sixties and believe it or not back then most collectors were not interested in the packet they just wanted the medal and would take the medals out and leave the packet on my table. Now I am glad I picked them up. This ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8800
Price:   $75.00 USD
I took this group in trade about 6 years ago and have just gotten around to looking it over carefully. The group is to sergeant Michael P. Chigrin there are sixteen medals and a order booklet dated 1945, plus numerous award cards for post war medals. With what research I have done the serial number ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8766
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This lighter came with a small group of Airborne material so I presume it is for the Airborne Boot. This is most likely a item made in Germany after the war for the GI's. Its 1 7/8" high and 1 3/4" wide. Its made from a solid piece of Aluminum with the top that opens with the wick and the wheel for  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8523
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This cast iron eagle has been mounted outside for quite a period of time. There are traces of paint of various colors on it and I have been tempted to have it cleaned with some nonabrasive material and painting it black but I just hate to mess with the items we get. Anyways this eagle is 9 1/2" high ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8472
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The 26th Panzer Division's nickname was Grenadierkopf (Grenadier Head). This professional framed award document and traditional badge are from the 27th Panzer Division to Unteroffiziar Herman Baier of the 7th Panzergrenadier Regt awarded 10. 12. 1944. You can only see part of the unit stamp circle ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8408
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