Other Luftwaffe Awards

I just bought this group on 12/23/16 from an 89 year old veteran or should I say occupation trooper. He arrived in Germany in 1946 and assigned to the 1st division. I was mainly interested in talking to him about what the occupation was like and with his wife there we did not get into the interestin ...Read and See More
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I have always liked desk ornaments and this has been on my desk and my shelf of Luft helmets. This Luft eagle was taken off something as the lower Swaz arm shows where it was twisted off its former ornament, and shows stress marks. The eagle is 7" wide by 3" high and made of non-ferrous medal. Its s ...Read and See More
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This rare German award Book (Eintragung in das Goldene Buch der Flieger) Golden Book of Pilots has not been filed out to a pilot but includes the cover and the document. There are only approximately 37 known filled out awards,mostly to posthumous pilots. This imitation leather cover has the early L ...Read and See More
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