This helmet came out of an old time collection and I had trouble buying it as the previous owner thought it was a Navy helmet. The decal is a real nice gold tone but the decal lacks the gold flecks under high magnification making it a real nice toned Army. This is made by SE and is size 66, the batc ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8370
Price:   $1,250.00 USD
This just came out of my favorite antique shop. It’s a model M1934 that retains about 70% of the outer shell paint; the good news is that most of the paint missing is on the top of the helmet and it shows well on a shelf. The police decal would rate 90% with loss to one side from the paint lifting ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8362
Price:   $295.00 USD
For all of you who like large helmets here is a nice one for you. I bought a bunch of helmets last year from an old time collector and this M40 was part of the group. Having said that I will now tell you why it took so long to list. All the helmets were in paper bags and when I stacked them together ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8354
Price:   $1,450.00 USD
The scabbard and fittings on this sword are very beutiful in my opinion! The hilt and scabbrd fittings are a gilded brass based piece and really looks awesome! The condition of the hilt is wonderful, it has a great color, is very fancy with the eagle and fancy foilage. The initials are on the  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   7614
Price:   $1,499.99 USD
This RZM Helbig dagger is out of my collection as it’s time to start selling them. The description of the dagger starts at the top; the tang nut has lost all plating and has a dark rust appearance to it. The handle has a great dark finish with aluminum eagle and an enamel SA emblem. The cross guar ...Read and See More
Item Number:   JMT8323
Price:   $600.00 USD
Nice frog, I can't remember what kind of leather it is made from but it is higher quality then most. It has a pebbled appearance and shows minor signs of age and wear. ...Read and See More
Item Number:   7562
Price:   $450.00 USD
I have owned this armor for many years now. It is about 50 years old and was made in Japan, it was made in the same method as the old armor was. We have lacquered plates that are laced together to make larger pieces and then a complete suit of armor. This one is what you would expect to see on a  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   6014
Price:   $4,999.00 USD
Neet picture! It looks like the shoulder boards and eagle were added at a later date, this was common for many reasons during the period. ...Read and See More
Item Number:   7564
Price:   $99.00 USD
Calvary Squadron 3 "Grey and Gold" Knot in nearly new condition.  ...Read and See More
Item Number:   7555
Price:   $130.00 USD
Pretty nice frog in pretty good condition. ...Read and See More
Item Number:   7561
Price:   $120.00 USD