This belt and buckle came with a large group of SS material a friend picked up about two years ago. The Luft buckle was on the belt when he purchased the items from a vets family. Now this is just my opinion that this is the absolute last form the German belt took on in 1945. Why I feel this way is the following First the belt is thin leather at least 1/2 the normal thickness. Secondly the belt has no tab just holes punched into the leather. Third the belt buckle retaining clip is just a simple steel T shaped out shape with a curve applied to hook the buckle. There is just a slit in the leather for it to protrude thru. Fourth there is no stitching or extra work on the belt system its simplicity to the tenth degree.Fifth the leather reverse has the typical pale tan off white finish. Again this is just my feeling based on 55 years of collecting I have never seen anything like this before and it just makes sense to me considering the state of the industries in 45. Your comments are welcomed.
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