This is another Camo helmet from my collection, and yes its a vet family purchase. This helmet is a SE64 batch no. 4829. The helmet was painted over with the tan Africa finish and somewhere along the way received a heavy over sprayed in a dark green paint. The tan shows thru mostly on the top and upper sides. Now the sprayed on Swaz's were most likely done to improve the look for the GI to buy this helmet. In no way do I think that they were applied by any sane minded German. I never tried to remove them as I just don't monkey around with items that I purchase. The inside rear skirt of the helmet is named to M.S.H. Fichtl. The chin strap is complete and marked G. Schiele Loburg 1942. The liner is complete with the original tie string. The rivets have the circular disk and are original to the helmet. Condition very good ++
Price: $2,250.00
SKU: JMT8621