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I have to post the rest of the material separately. This group is all of Captian Patrick Powers who served in RVN from Nov. 1967 to Jul7 1970. What I really like is that he was serving as the assistant infantry officer with the 1st Brigade Royal Thai Voulunteer Force. He was awarded the Bronze Sta ...Read and See More
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This neat looking dragon belt buckle is 3 1/8" wide by 2" high mounted on regular GI style buckle. The front has the USN in a box with a nicely executed dragon head and in the lower corner crossed anchors. This would make a nice addition to any Navy collection. There is a real small number 6 on the  ...Read and See More
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Well there you have a nice pile of Staff Oficers buttons there approximently ? In the photo you can count them if you want to. There are several different styles and makers none are named some still have thread on them, I believe all are in go shape ready to be used again. Condition good ++ ...Read and See More
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Just picked this SeaBee group up from my add. The group is from Robert A Cameron of the 114th construction battalion. The group consists of the following A Mint Blue Jumper and pants top has the Navy rating with axe and mallet with two inverted V with one red stripe by the cuff. Sorry never learn ...Read and See More
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You never know what is coming in with your next buy but here is a really nice example of what I would consider a sailors work with the elaborate needle work. At the base it ends with the traditional Turks Head weave. I presume that this is a display piece not a working club because of the time spent ...Read and See More
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This is a neat little group I purchased from a vet of the 1st Division years ago. I remember them well as I also served in the First Division in 1966/67 and the stores he told me about his time in the army. The cards are neat as they start in Africa in French Morocco, and then to to Rome Italy and t ...Read and See More
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Where did all of the WWI back packs go to they seen to have disappeared. Its so bad that they reproduce them and sell them on the internet. This is something I got recently from a picker and it is complete with all the straps and buckles. The meat tin pouch still has the leather sheaf for the knife ...Read and See More
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Not a bad pair of boots that will display well when laced up. They are slightly different then the typical US combat boots in construction, they are reinforced and the heels are slightly different. The tongue not he left side has been cut but will still display well.  ...Read and See More
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