Early Nickel Silver SS Officers Buckle RZM SS 35/36

This is a true rarity, this came in on a hotel buy a couple of months back. These are no-existent and this one is in superb condition, I wish there was a belt to put it on as it is a super exotic pieces and would look incredible on a A-SS mannequin. It is a true privilege to handle pieces like this, this is the first in 36 years I have handled and might be the last. The obverse is in excellent condition and only shows some very minor oxidation which looks very attractive. If you are going to clean this I will refuse to sell it to you, seriously! That would be an injustice to history! The reverse side shows very minor signs of wear but is still in superb and super collectable condition! It is marked RZM SS 35/36, just a gorgeous piece! I can only find one other for sale which their asking price is close to 7000 dollars, we are a nice percentage below that.
Price: $5,999.00
SKU: 8102