This NSKK Dagger marked M7/42 x WKC has the later cross guards with the edges to the handle starting to bubble up slightly The handle fits the cross guards quite nicely for a RZM dagger the eagle is made of copper with almost no silver wash left on it the SA emblem has the enamel finish with the SA protruding into the outside circle. The blade has all the cross grinning that you like to see and the Motto has a nice etching and does not show any polishing deterioration to the etching. Has a nice acid etched finish to it. There the typical runner marks on both sides of the blade.The RZM etching is also in the same condition. The blade has no nicks or dings. The scabbard has the original black paint with some raised points under the paint. Condition very good
Price: $565.00
SKU: JMT8071