This ground Rhom by E. Pack still retains at least 8 partial letter remenients from the rough grinding job. This SA guy did it right well almost did it right. Anyways this E. Pack dagger has the early nickel finish fittings on the dagger and scabbard. The light wood handle shows almost no grainnig effect in the wood. The eagle and SA emblem are ficely fitted to the handle. This handle does not have the flat vertical edges but they come to a gently point.. The blade shows cross graining on the obverse and signs of light rust spots. the blade show no dings or bet tip and the reverse just has the poor grinding job that fortunately left enough of the letters to verify the Rhom etching. The reverse cross guard is marked Th. The anodized scabbard retains 45% of the anodizing on the obverse and little on the reverse. The reverse has heavy rust spots that have been stabilized. The ball drag has been crushed but still shows well on the obverse. Condition Good +
Price: $775.00
SKU: JMT8422