This dagger just came out of an old time collection. This 19 1/4" long navy dagger that has always impressed me more than the WWII models. This one has the pierced crown and is missing the top of the crown which is common and most will not notice it missing. The grip is genuine Ivory and has the typical ivory cracks that do distract from the beauty of the grip. The portopee is not original, but looks nice on the dagger. The blade is not maker marked the double engraving is worn down from cleaning and at some point someone sharpened the 13 1/2" blade. The scabbard has only what you would expect in damage to the extra long length scabbard, and it would be classified as minimal. The matched hangers are made of brass not aluminum or steel correct for the period. A great looker with the proper hangers. Condition very good+
Price: $1,845.00
SKU: JMT8273