I have always like non standard items something you don’t see every day so here is the champion of odd balls. This was originally made by M7/27 Pumawerk Lauterjujg & Sohn but now it’s a? Everyone that has seen this agrees that it is a one of a kind it really is so different, anyway here is the description: Pot metal cross guards, SA emblem, the eagle is from a stick pin, and the wood handle is covered in white leather. The lower cross guard has a piece of leather in the recess to accommodate the cut down handle. The blade inscription only has the Deutschland portion of the motto, the reverse has the RZM M7/27 trademark. The blade is shaped correctly for an SA. The scabbard was once anodized and has been cut down to accommodate the knife. The throat does not have the scabbard screws and no bottom fitting. Not much else I can say but how many SA collectors have this model in their collection? Condition: it is what it is.
Price: $225.00
SKU: JMT8327