This allgemeine Em visor cap came from one of my direct veteran purchase about four years ago. For once I took photos of the vet and the items I purchased from him including him holding this very cap. This is a private purchase cap made by August Millerof zweibrucken. The cap is made of high quality black wool with no moth nips showing. The white piping is nice and uniform no fuzzies on this one. The cap has a standard army eagle wit h the SS Skull both have been there for the past 60+ years. The leather chin strap is the standard SS style. The makers name is printed on the under side of the sweat diamond along with a name tag that I can not read, someone to look up! The cap shows usage but no abuse. The right front visor has started to pull away from the body from poor storage. I will supply photos of the vet Nd the cap to the buyer. Condition very good
Price: $3,875.00
SKU: JMT8778