Again this dagger is from my personal collection and it's somewhat different is that I did not buy this from a direct vet or veterans family one of the few daggers I have owned from another source. I was at The Baltimore gun show when it was in the basemen6 of the armory and in the door walks this oversized women with a chest full of daggers I mean like 30 to 50 of them. To me honest I thought I hit the mother load and that I was going to buy them all for peanuts. Like life another dream shattered, she proceeded to tell me that her no good husband collected this crap and they were getting a divorce and while he was at work she was out selling his collection and dam if she didn't;t know what each dagger was and the value. So with my limited funds I picked out the Teno EM as up to that time I had no be able to find one. Funny how you remember something like that so manny years ago. This dagger had the requirements for my preferred collecting not mint but something used. The scabbard fittings are nicely plated with the serial number2031 stamped on top of the throat. The black paint is well worn with almost complete crazying to the paint on both sides. The dagger handle has some plating loss under the portage and in a very small area around the gear. The plastic grips appear to be without any. Racks never moved the portopee to confirm this. The blade has the typical Ges Gescg\h and Eickhorn trademark. Under the eagle is the corresponding number 2031 etched into the blade. The blade itself is in fine condition with runner marks. The original portopee is dirty where the hand would hold the handle but solid in its construction. The special frog is in great condition w it h the strap that goes over the stud being complete. This is a great original set. Condition very good I shoul tell you about the time I almost bought 50+ mint original Teno EM Frogs
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