Again this 1sr model Luft is out of my collection bought in the early 70's. what prompted me to keep this dagger is the unit marking on the reverse of the top scabbard fitting 2 Fea 37 over10. Exactly what it means I do not know but like the early fittings and The same patina on all the nickel finished parts. The scabbard has some minor nicks to the leather with next to none missing. The chain has an old time repair at the upper scabbard ring where the chain attaches the normal flat pice of curved medal broke and they added a split ring to the scabbard ring.the dagger itself is a great Eickhorn marker blade with the Luft. Acceptance stamp the underside of right cross guard has 1 fea 37/6 engraved in it. The leather handle is complete with the proper wire wrapping. The bronze swaz' said show up,real nice on the patinaed pommel and c[ross guard. The blade is mirror bright showing runner marks. Condition very good ++
Price: $1,050.00
SKU: JMT8772