This dagger is o it of my personal collection and it's from the 1980's. this Red Cross EM dagger shows light use just the way I like them. The scabbard has some scratches and the spider web cracked lines to the paint. The frog is an original Red Cross one and only has a letter H stamped into the reverse. The dagger itself is a great old the cross guard and handle. No cracks there the black plastic grips are complete with no chips or cracks. The crossguard is very Crisp and the swaz is a nice high one. The blade has some storage and runner marks, other than that nice and clean with the cross graining that we all like. Back in the 60's when things were cheap I actually cut a one inch water pipe in half with one of these EM daggers. I took a while but back then I had so much time. I sold the dagger as the teeth were still there but not very sharp. So know you could actually use this dagger to ah cut warmer pipes. Condition very good ++
Price: $885.00
SKU: JMT8773