This is an original 2nd edition of the special guest book given to invited guest & VIP's on the grand opening of the Reichs Chancellory guided tours in January 1939. This book is what all the new books on the new chancellory are based upon. The building is just unbelievable in size and scope and this photo book captures it. The building was impressive aven looking at the photos and the pull out line drawings in the back of the book. I have showed this book to non military collector types and everyone is amazed at the size of everything and the craftsmanship threw out the building. This is the third copy I have seen in the past 20+ years and the first one I could buy. The fly cover is in poor condition but the front cover just shows some darkness on the bottom? The rear cover has digs in it. The inside pages are as new and a pleasure to look at. Condition very good except where noted.
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