Early SA by E. Pack

Pack is known for making very high quality pieces, this is such an example. What do you expect, they were huge and had the money and manpower to do the job right. This one has a nice grip which shows minor signs of age and wear on the front and back, not perfect but it is pretty nice, about 90% or better. The cross guards are in fine condition with no major problems and the lower fitting is nicely gau stamped. The blade is gorgeous! It has minor runner marks but otherwise is awesome! I would rate it in the 90-95% range or better, is is really nice and the motto has the frosted background nearly totally present. The scabbard fittings are pretty decent, not perfect but really nice. The anodized finish is pretty good but the finish is on the faint side, it does not have that deep brown color you often see. There is some age and wear to it but still very presentable.
Price: $585.00
SKU: 8505