Schutzpolizei Officers Visor Hat

This is an extremely nice visor hat, the body is in great condition and I can't find anything to really pick on. So, to cover my but I will say the same as usual, there are very minor signs of age and wear. I don't know where but I say that so no-one can complain if they get out an electron microscope to find something:)! The insignia are there and in fine condition also, they look great on the hat! I don't think the hat was worn, if it was it must have been a closet queen. I don't really see any signs of wear or anything on the inner side, this is a really nice hat with a great saddle shape! PS- I did just find one small flaw, the left side of the visor where it meets with the body there are 4 threads that have pulled out, no big deal and I did not notice it until now.
Price: $775.00
SKU: 8512