SS Officers Visor Hat

This is a stunning hat! It has a wonderful high peak we collectors love to see and a nice body as well. There are very little signs of age and wear, there is one repair on the top of the visor which does not distract much, nice hat. The eagle and skull are original tot he visor, one of the excellent minds in this area does not like the skull although he did take a second and third look at it. I still disagree because I know there the hat came from and am comfortable with it, I just want you to know. I also am not charging anything for the skull so it is free to be safe, although I am sure down the road they will figure out it is real with a “hands on” inspection. Knowledgeable people in the area did tell me they liked it as well. Anyway, the velvet band looks awesome as does the visor. The inner sweat band is marked “Extra” in the gray leather and there is a rip as well. The sweat diamond is also partially there so look at the pictures.
Price: $9,500.00
SKU: 8506