White Top pre 1936 Officer/post 1936 NCO Visor

Here is another visor out of a top notch collectors horde! The condition is pretty nice, there are a couple of stains on the white waffle body but nothing too bad and it does look very nice. I think it has a nice median degree of cleanliness although I would prefer a bit dirtier so I could fantasize it was worn on a U-Boat. Anyway, the eagle is very nice as is the gold cockade, it is really nice because the cockade is marked on the reverse side "Gold 750" which I am guessing means perhaps it is 18K gold or gold plated. If you move the chin cod up you can see where it rested on the visor for a very long time. On the inside I think it was very gently worn most likely on dress occasions, the sweat band is embossed "Deautscher Officer Veren Armeemarinehaus", very cool!
Price: $1,950.00