Varient Decal M42 Army Helmet

This helmet came in on a hotel buy several years ago, they are known in the collecting world but seldom encountered. Bob has had others over the years on hotel buys but the last one was a very long time ago. The only other one I know of is in the RonR collection from the WAF, I know he posted it so if you look you can find it. I looked quickly but did not take the time to really dig which is what I would need to do. Anyway, the shell is in pretty good condition but does show minor age and wear. I would say the paint is about 95% and the decal is about 85%. Inside it is again used but still functional, used and probably combat used and decent. The straps are mostly gone but not much we can do about that. The back of the shell is stamped hkp64 and the batch number is 3857.
Price: $1,199.00
SKU: 8483