After 50+ years of collecting this is the best NSKK Chained dagger I have had. I purchased it from a good friend back in July of 1989. Now the dagger, this Eickhorn is untouched never taken apart cleaned or abused. I will start with the dagger. The top cap is steel, the cross guards are composite and are just showing the typical deterioration of the plating. The SA emblem is nicely recessed and enamel finish. The Zink national eagle is also well mounted. The wood handle shows shrinkage from the cross guards but it is nominal. The blade displays all of its crosgraining meaning little or never been polished. The motto is perfect with the off gray finish. The blade shows minor runner marks with no dings or rust. The scabbard retains about 94+% original paint with spidering and one scratch on the obverse. The fittings are steel plated and there is no damage to the lower scabbard fitting ball. The steel chain has the four upper links and five lower links. The links near the scabbard are stamped with the RZM and NSKK as they should be. I looked at the other NSKK Officers listed on the net and I feel that this is better than almost all listed. Condition very good +++
Price: $4,300.00
SKU: JMT8730