Personalized Land Customs Dagger by Eickhorn

Over the years I have only seen one other land customs dagger that was personalized, that was about 30 years ago! I have seen very few Eickhorns as well, they are pretty scarce and of pretty nice quality. Many of these daggers you see have had the leather colored or darkened, this one is untouched! The leather is pretty strong in condition, it is slightly faded and has minor signs of age and wear but nothing serious. The cross guard is a bit dirty but I don't want to clean it, I am positive the dirt will come off though. The lower scabbard fitting has a small ding but nothing to worry about, it is small. The reverse cross guard has the initials "GR" engraved on it, well done by the way. The blade is pretty good also, minimal graying but not bad at all, overall this is a really nice dagger!
Price: $3,250.00
SKU: 8376