This 1916 Camo Helmet is out of my collection, purchased in Oct 1976. This is my opinion only! As I started collecting in the early 1960's I have bought tremendous aounts of German military items and in the 60's no one cared about WWI helmets and a lot of other items, but I did and bought all I could get. The only Camo helmets available then looked like this one not the fancy colored ones or the crazy quilt pattern helmets you now see. Yes there were some nicely painted helmets but all were drab in color. To me this helmet is what they looked like drab colors that have faded with time large painted areas. Anyways enough of my thoughts. This helmet is just a couple large color areas divided by the black border. The exterior shell retains about 80%+ paint and the shell is made by SL and is size 66. The inside crown is stamped with what I can make out as B 8 1 9. The liner is complete with the leather band and the three pads. One pad has a name on it in ink Gefr. can not make out the rest. The chin strap and helmet hook are present the chin strap is separated from the one side. Something else I like about this helmet is the air vent holes are filled with mud something they did on windy days. Condition very good ++
Price: $675.00
SKU: JMT8680