This item is from my plane instrument collection. This ME109 Chrono Chronograph clock made by Junghans use to be the ultimate in plane instruments collecting and it took me quite a while to finally get one for my collection. This clock does not work never had it looked at but there are several places on the web that advertise that they service them. Anyways this clock is painted a dark green finish with a movable bezel with a sweep hand and the normal hour and minute hand. This clock is complete and honestly I don't know what to tell you about it. The back comes off with a 1/4 twist and the 3/4 circle on the bottom is stamped with the serial number and factory wk number. What is good about the case is that there are no broken fasting tabs as usually is the case. A great display I had it on my desk for years. Condition very good non working
Price: $345.00
SKU: JMT8663