Back in the 1970's I bought around 120 Japanese plane instruments plus miscellaneous parts from a vet who repaired American plane instruments during the war. I wound up donating most of the instruments to the Bradly Air Museum in Mass. to be used in the restoration of the three Japanese planes they had in their position from the Smithsonian Institute. What prompted me to donate the gauges was I had them all laid out on the floor of my military room, and one night when I left the room and shut off the lights I looked back into the room and you could read a newspaper from the glow of the radium on all the dials. That was enough for me to find someone that could use them. I kept some items and this is one. The Turn and Bank instrument is in brand new shape everything about is is in tip top condition and yes I tried the radium and it still glows like a mother. The ball that moves slowly side to side is working fine there is no peeling to the face of the dial and the Mfg. tag is present and there is a plastic plug in the end where it would attach to some tube. Condition very good +++
Price: $150.00
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